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Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 1-5, 2009

This is my first newsletter, and frankly, it's almost all about the website. I did nothing all week except work on creating content and marketing it. (Well, OK, I also taught some classes.) And since this only stretches back to Monday, I don't even have a weekend to talk about!

So here's what went up on the site in the past week. As for marketing, I've been posting tweets to Twitter, emailing friends on Facebook, and generally "getting the word out." The 365 Secrets of Happiness page has its first subscribers, and over 50 Facebook fans. It's a good start!

I'll kick off a new project ("Centerings") on June 15, and start the FREE Daily English Lessons in early July.

So that's it. Check in often, because there's always something new on

Here's a summary of this week's publication on

Wisdom Blogs:

365 Secrets of Happiness: 6 new posts: Just Do It, Create a Bliss Station, Get on Your Bike, Find a Guru, Get a Bird, and Get a Kid. I also started posting this on Facebook.

At the Feet of Sri Ramakrishna: 2 posts: Can You See the Stars in the Daytime? and Water and God Have Many Names

Buddhism Simplified: 2 posts: The Buddha's Family and Society and The Birth of the Buddha

Meet Joe Campbell: 2 posts: Idea #1: Metaphor and Idea #2: The Four Functions of Mythology

Aphorisms of a Derelict Yogi: 2 posts: F*ck can be a mantra if you say it right and Even an ugly girl can have a nice ass


Meatless/Mooless Monday: 3 posts: Easing into Meatless or Mooless Mondays (three ways to go veg); Lest We Forget (one good reason to go veg); and Make a Cow Happy! (about I've also started a "fan" page for MMM on Facebook

About James:

My Bio and more: Post on Achille Joseph Baquet, My Dad's Dad


America: Post on The Fry-Bread Seller, Acoma "Sky City," NM

Japan: Post on "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"

China: Post on The Stone Pagoda Temple, Yangzhou

Philippines: Post on The Rice Terraces of Banaue

Asia: Post on Sri Krishnan Temple, Waterloo Street, Singapore

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