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Another defunct publication, which ran from May to August, 2009.
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July 4-10, 2009

(Friday 12:45 a.m. in L.A., Friday 3:45 p.m. in Shenzhen.)

This week I wrapped up some obligations in Shenzhen and hopped a flight for a ten-day trip to L.A. So most of the time I've been massively busy, but the website keeps ticking along (mostly without me, thanks to Scheduled Posts).

Hopefully, I'll see friends and Lila's family starting this weekend.

Wisdom Blogs:

365 Secrets of Happiness: 7 posts: See a Play, Read a Poem, Hug and Be Hugged, Take a Road Trip, Get It Fixed, Go to a Farm, and Buy a Piece of Art.

At the Feet of Sri Ramakrishna: 2 posts: God, Scripture, Devotees (identity) and Everything is God (no comment necessary)

Buddhism Simplified: 2 more posts on the life of the Buddha: The Wedding Competition (competing for his bride's hand) and Among the Beautiful People (another ploy to keep the prince happy)

Meet Joe Campbell: 2 more posts on Campbell's sources: Sources #2: Nature and Biology (more on Campbell's inspiration) and Sources #3: Arthurian Romance (and other medieval texts)

Aphorisms of a Derelict Yogi: 2 posts: "Rinse it now or scrub it later" (nip it in the bud) and "Even a rat's got a job to do" (non-discrimination)


Meatless/Mooless Monday: 2 posts: "Livestock's Long Shadow" (the effect of cows on the environment) and "Livestock's Long Shadow" (shocking truth in a government report)

About James:

Blog Highlights: Mostly stories about my trip to America, including In Transit Tuesday to Tuesday, July 7, how an obstruction was removed, how the tables are turned on Youku and a very busy day (and a visit from someone I knew before I started Kindergarten)..

My Bio and more: Post on Every Dog Has a Story (two old pals)


America: Post on Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL (see the brachiosaurus!)

Japan: Post on The Seven Lucky Gods: A Pilgrimage (actually the first of many I completed in

China: Post on The Boy Emperor's Tomb, Shenzhen (part of Shenzhen's history)

Philippines: Post on Our Lady of the Pension, Malate (everything takes longer in the Philippines)

Asia: Post on Four Generals (?), Man Mo Temple, Central Hong Kong (enigmatic figures attending dual gods)


Articles: Post on A Lifetime Reading List a la Joseph Campbell (from his Mythology class at Sarah Lawrence College)

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