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July 25-31, 2009

Well, instead of duplicating the wheel, let me just point you to today's blog post. It summarizes most of the week's activities, so there's no need to repeat them here. (And anything that's not there is in Monday's and Tuesday's posts!)

And here's the week's stuff on

Wisdom Blogs:

365 Secrets of Happiness: 7 posts: Choose Happiness, Look into a Microscope, Visit the Sick, Remember the Point, Visit an Aquarium, Sit Under a Tree and Just Breathe.

At the Feet of Sri Ramakrishna: 2 posts: God in Us (as close as can be) and The Wishing Tree (be careful what you wish for...)

Buddhism Simplified: 2 more posts on the life of the Buddha: The Five Companions (seekers on the way) and The Mendicant Life (the hobodhisattva?)

Meet Joe Campbell: 2 more posts on Campbell's ideas: Sources #8: Pop Culture (no Ivory Tower for this guy) and Sources #9: German Philosophy (especially Oswald Spengler--who?)


Meatless/Mooless Monday: 2 posts: I KNEW IT! (smart people go Veg) and Find a Friend (online or off, it's easier with support)

About James:

Blog Highlights: I summarized last weekend and wrote about the movie Excalibur on Monday; had dinner out and heard Indian Music on Tuesday; and saw friends Wednesday and Thursday, summarized in Catching Up.

My Bio and more: Post on Lazarus People II: Extras (living, breathing set dressing)


America: Post on Heartstone, La Cienega, NM (the end of an argument)

Japan: Post on Ueno Pond, Tokyo (from a 2006 trip with Lila)

China: Post on Tiger and Dragon, Tian Hou Temple, Sungang Village, Shenzhen (Yin and Yang)

Philippines: Post on Ruins, Fort Santiago, Manila (beauty in decay)

Asia: Post on Earth God Platform, Ping Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong (back to basics--worshipping stones)

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